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Mark Deutschmann

Mark Deutschmann is a visionary and leader in the revitalization of Nashville’s urban neighborhoods and public spaces. He has worked with members of the community, city leaders, and nonprofit organizations for over thirty years to breathe new life into Nashville neighborhoods, helping to create the dynamic, in-demand city that is still growing and thriving today.

Mark has been selling real estate since 1986 and founded Village Real Estate and Core Development in 1996 and 2003, respectively. Today, he is founder and chair emeritus of Village, where he leads his CityLiving Group sales team, and president of Core. Mark’s passion for community improvement stretches far beyond selling homes. His leadership also includes helping build out Nashville’s greenway system, creating walkable communities, and strengthening transportation systems.

Mark is the chair of the Urban Land Institute Nashville District Council, and he served as president of Greenways for Nashville for six and a half years. In addition, he is the Founder of Go Green, a program that helps homeowners and business owners complete strategic energy retrofits to save on utility costs and reduce waste. Mark also serves on the Mayor’s Livable Nashville Committee and the Transit and Affordability Task Force. An accomplished juggler, Mark holds degrees in zoology and Spanish and an MBA in international management. He and his wife, Sherry, live in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village neighborhood.

The Village Fund

Village was built on the principle of giving back. Communities need support and teamwork in order to continue to grow and thrive. The Village Fund is Village’s internal non-profit foundation that gives to an array of organizations that give back to the community, making it a better place for everyone. The Village Fund controls 5% of Village and since its conception, has given over $2.2 million to hundreds of organizations in the Nashville area.

The Village Fund depends on the generosity of Village’s agents, clients, business partners, vendors, staff, and friends. Contributions go to organizations focusing on housing, communities, sustainability, and the arts. These tax-deductible donations give life to organizations which enrich our neighborhoods and communities. Find out more about the Village Fund here.

All proceeds from One-Mile Radius – Building Community from the Core go to the Village Fund.

Donate to The Village Fund

Village Real Estate

Founded in 1996 with a team consisting of Mark, two agents, and two administrative staff members, Village Real Estate Services has grown to a company of over 350 agents and staff members. Village has long been one of Nashville’s top-selling real estate groups, focusing on selling homes and improving communities in Nashville’s inner-loop neighborhoods.

Mark’s team at Village is known as the CityLiving Group, a select team of agents specializing in helping buyers find urban and unique homes in and around Nashville’s core. Their neighborhoods of focus include many in-demand and up-and-coming areas, such as 12South, Belmont-Hillsboro, East Nashville, Wedgewood-Houston, and many more.

Since its inception, Village has built social purpose into the business model, creating its own nonprofit called the Village Fund which supports organizations that enrich our neighborhoods and communities. All proceeds from One-Mile Radius: Building Community From the Core go to the Village Fund.

Core Development Services

Founded by Mark Deutschmann in 2003, Core Development Services builds communities in sync with the way that people want to live in urban areas. Core Development Services builds developments that improve neighborhoods, while still respecting the community, surrounding landscapes, and the environment. Core Development Services has completed over thirty projects in the past decade, including many multi-family urban residents, such as lofts, condos, and cottages.

Each of Core Development Services’ development endeavors is approached in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, focusing on adaptive reuse of existing structures, building new structures that add value to the surrounding community, and centering developments around walkability and connectivity.

Urban Land Institute of Nashville

The Urban Land Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible use of land in and around cities and creating and sustaining thriving communities. This worldwide organization serves as a leader, facilitator, and advisor to help cities everywhere improve urban living spaces. ULI explores interdisciplinary and land development issues and shares knowledge with community leaders and citizens to create collaboration and change on both a local and international level.

As the Chair of the ULI Nashville District Council, Mark leads the local conversation on best practices, innovations, and local initiatives to make Nashville a more environmentally conscious place to live, work, and play.