For the third year in a row, Nashville has been named the number-one market to watch in the ULI Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report! As we enter a post-covid world, the commercial real estate landscape is constantly changing. The ULI calls this new era “The Great Reset.” As this era propels the industry forward, emphasis in this year’s report is placed on adaptability, technology, and environmental resilience ( 


In the 2024 Emerging Trends report, ULI reports trends in multiple areas. These are some of my key takeaways from the 2024 report,

  • Retail: We are in a retail boom, specifically in luxury segments.
  • Sun Belt: Remains a hot spot for real estate due to the area’s business-friendly environment.
  • Niche Sectors: We’ve observed a rise in data centers, student housing, and medical offices.
  • Debt: Increasing debt levels have resulted in concern with CRE
  • Climate Challenges: Climate change continues to be a concern as the frequency of billion-dollar climate events is higher than average
  • Technology: CRE AI is still in its early age but shows promise to be a vital tool in the industry.
  • Housing: Affordability remains at the forefront of residential real estate challenges


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