It is certainly an interesting time to be in the real estate business. The good news is that we are still in business and continue to help buyers and sellers with transactions. Though the coronavirus has caused schools and many businesses to close, real estate has been deemed an “essential business” and the CityLiving Group at Village has the ability to do our work with proper “social distancing.” These are new descriptions now in our collective vocabulary.

We have put protocols in place to keep everyone safe and are thinking creatively to help home buyers and sellers find the best value in Nashville’s evolving neighborhoods. So, what does this look like in the time of COVID-19?

To keep sellers safe and avoid crowds and unnecessary contact, we are not holding open houses. Instead, we are using 360-degree video and other technology to show home interiors and make it easy for clients to preview listings prior to a viewing. Buyer and seller consultations are conducted virtually and paperwork is signed electronically.

When we do conduct a house visit, we follow CDC protocol and keep the seller’s and buyer’s safety top-of-mind. We advise the buyer not to bring children or nonessential people. We meet the buyer at the house, keep a safe distance, and tour without lingering. Follow-up conversations take place outside the house. We drive to the home(s) we are showing separately from our clients and use disinfecting wipes on door handles when entering and leaving.

Closing transactions are done online when possible, or with an attorney and customer following safe protocols at the office of Rudy Title or other cooperating title companies. Agents and non-essential people are asked to participate remotely as necessary.

Yes, we are currently in a health crisis, but we will survive as a community and a nation. Many are looking to take advantage of low interest rates and find the security and safety of owning their own home for family and loved ones. It is useful to think with a long view. Buying real estate in Nashville is a great long-term investment. We have all the ingredients of a successful city. Nashville will continue to be the place where people want to make their home.