One of the most influential developers in the revitalization of a number of urban Nashville neighborhoods once again has East Nashville in his sights.

Mark Deutschmann’s Core Development Services is pursuing a proposed 190-unit development on East Trinity Lane, on more than 11 acres of land at an on-ramp and off-ramp for Ellington Parkway. A zoning change, necessary to make the project happen as planned, faces a key vote on Aug. 24, before the Metro Planning Commission.

Deutschmann has crafted a reputation as someone whose interest in a neighborhood signals (and helps ignite) a coming rebirth— as seen in 12South, Germantown and Wedgewood-Houston. Most recently, Deutschmann has gone under construction on a condo development just off Nolensville Pike, near The Fairgrounds Nashville, where Metro is proposing a soccer stadium for a potential Major League Soccer franchise. In June, Deutschmann bought his second development site in that corridor.

Now, in East Nashville, Deutschmann is proposing a mix of 120 condos, 25 townhomes and 45 single-family cottages, according to Metro filings. While East Nashville’s transformation has been well underway, this particular location is farther north from areas such as the popular Five Points district, an indication of the spreading growth spurred by the reigon’s population gains and job growth.

Staff for the Metro Planning Department recommend approving the zoning change Deutschmann is requesting, with certain conditions. The Metro Planning Commission isn’t bound by that recommendation, but usually votes in favor of that staff analysis. Metro Council would need to approve the zoning change for it to become official; similarly, while the council isn’t bound by the commission’s vote, the council typically follows suit.

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