How Much Are You Positively Impacting Your Community?

Are You a Change Agent?

A community is only as strong as its citizens. With more and more people flocking to cities by the day, innovative urban development is a necessity. Building strong urban cores with the help of neighborhood influencers ensures that new developments honor the existing cultures and residents and welcome new community members. This placemaking approach reverberates outward from these strong cores and makes things better for everyone. I’ve come to call it the “one-mile radius” effect.

Such an undertaking requires an active network of stewards dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. I call these people Change Agents.

Take a few minutes to complete this community impact assessment. Once completed, it will give you a rating of the positive impact you’re making in your community, as well as action items for how you can become an even more impactful Change Agent.

An eye towards the future

Mark Deutschmann is an advocate for strong, connected, and sustainable local communities and is a key player in the revitalization of Nashville’s most in-demand urban neighborhoods. Mark is a visionary with an eye towards the future of urban living and aims to plan, build, and revive neighborhoods that are magnetic, providing aspects that residents look for in a healthy and environmentally conscious community.